The Blackdown Healthy Living Centre opened its doors to the community, in the summer of 2010.

The exciting vision for the Centre is to promote healthy living for all ages in our Blackdown Hills rural community, bringing more health to the healthy as well as the unwell and disabled.

Uniquely, the Centre will provide a home for:

  • the Cameo Day Centre for the Elderly;
  • youth activities;
  • education courses;
  • the Riverside Memory Cafe;
  • a fitness studio;
  • primary care intervention;
  • a wide range of complementary therapies;
  • general health promotion;
  • a meeting place for patient groups;
  • parenting skills training;
  • and much, much more.

The Centre has the support of Devon County Council who made a substantial grant for refurbishment of the building, Devon Primary Care Trust, the Blackdown Practice team, and many other organisation and local volunteers.

We do hope you, your family and your friends use your facility as much as possible.

Cameo Club

The charity has been providing since 1990.  The Cameo Club team have provides support for the eldery, frail and people affected by memory loss.  The close support is extended to families.

The staff have worked together for well over a decade and enjoy the support of lively and friendly volunteers.



Additional Care Provided
Administering Medication

Services Provided
Visiting Health Practitioners
Visiting Welfare Services
Communion is given if requested.

Activities Provided

Service Available
Days and Times: Mondays and Thursdays
Transport to and from the Centre

Wheelchair Access
Ramped Entrances
Disabled Parking
Adapted Toilets

Digital Photography for Beginners

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • take pictures on their cameras
  • download these pictures to their computers and
  • confidently edit these pictures to enhance and correct imperfections.


We will use open source photo manipulation software for the entirety of the course. This will enable students to progress in their work without having to purchase expensive photo editing applications.  Students will be shown how to obtain this software.

The course will be split into 6 x 90 minute weekly sessions and taught at in the training room.

Each session will consist of two 40 minute sessions, with a 10 minute tea/coffee break.

There will be a homework element to the course – students will be expected to take pictures in between course dates which will be briefed at the end of each session.

There will be an end of course exhibition of work, so students can show their pictures and progress.


Course Outline

Week One – Introduction

A brief introduction to the course, it’s aims and the open source software that will be used for the Digital Darkroom sections of the course.

Familiarisation of cameras and downloading software. Image file types – advantages and disadvantages. Colour modes. Resolution and size issues when shooting digital pictures.

Week Two – Camera Basics

A introduction to digital cameras. Focusing, using different camera modes. exposure, shutter speed, aperture, depth of field.

Week Three  – Digital Darkroom Techniques

How manipulate the pictures you have taken using the free software. Including sections of brightness and contrast manipulation, colour cast correction, and removing imperfections.

Week Four- Digital Darkroom Advanced

More advanced techniques using the photo editing software to further enhance your pictures.

Week Five – Advanced Picture Taking

How to ‘see’ the pictures you are taking, composition, viewpoints and planning shots.

Week Six – The Field Trip

A field trip will be arranged so as the whole group can go out and shoot images together.

This gives the group the chance to grow together, explore new ideas and hopefully shoot images that they would not normally produce.

For more information

please contact us.

Phoenix Group for Carers

Do you care for someone?

Carers are people who look after their relatives or friends.  Some may care for people day and night; others, only a few hours per week.

There are many different things people need help with.  This may include help with personal care, driving to appointments, handling finances, doing the shopping, helping with mobility around the home or generally keeping an eye on them.

Friendly, informal support

The Phoenix Group for Carers offers an opportunity for the carers to talk about their concerns, to ask questions and to find out what other services and support may be available to them.

Guest speakers provide specialist advice to our carers, from time-to-time.

We meet on the 1st Tuesday of every month at The Centre.  Normally, our informal drop-in sessions run between 10 – 12 noon.  However, we can talk with you at other times.

We can offer you:

  • A chance to talk to people in similar situations
  • Personal support for you
  • Information on available services
  • A drop-in centre
  • Social activities
  • Relaxing complimentary therapies
  • Someone to listen to you
  • Helpful advice
  • Fun

For further information please contact us.